Over the hills

Assignment for Corriere della Sera

Migrants leave the shelter in Oulx (To), northern Italy. They will try to cross the border and reach France. 

Three migrants from northern Africa get off the bus in Claviere, the small village on the border.

They quickly change clothes, wearing mountain gear they were given at the shelter in Oulx.

Off they go. 

After about 6 hours they will arrive in Briançon. 

French border Police looking for migrants on the hills.

An Afghan family, disguised as tourists, cross the border on the nordic sky track.

Border Police walks pass the Afghan family without spotting them.

The family enters in Mongenevre, France. from there they will reach Briançon by bus or taxi.

The family had left Afghanistan in the summer of 2022, after the Taliban take over.

Their baby was 4 weeks old at the moment I met them. He was born in Slovenia, at the end of the balkan route.