Kabul Airport

Kabul Airport

Mixed feelings after witnessing the final days of the evacuation at Kabul airport.

The attack came upon an immense humanitarian crisis. Thousands of people trying to flee the country. Desperately. I've seen mothers giving their babies to soldiers. Who would do that? It means you know tomorrow they will die.

The last airplanes taking off, leaving this people behind...terrible. I didn't witness Rwanda, but that's what came to mind. The devastation is comparable.

And the attack. On this scene. Desperate people and valiant soldiers, exhausted, all with tears in their eyes. This is where ISIS-K hit.

What a tragedy.

Talibans say they hold the country. But governing a country takes more than appointing governors. The Country is thorn. Some regions will try to resist. And negative foreign influence will continue.

What next for this country? The next iraq? The next Libia? The next land of anarchy where brutish beasts will nest?